Berlin 11/16 

Despite the shocking chill, my second visit to Berlin was unbelievable. I have a tendency for liking places more the second time round but this visit had me wanting to pack up and settle down indefinitely.

Here are a few photos from trip that didn’t quite make the Instagram feed but did make the trip what it was 👌🏼

‘Do you read me’ the most well equipt magazine store with an equally impressive interior – Mitte (opposite ‘The Barn’)

What is a trip without friends eh? – Alicia Fieg

‘Trainers in’ mid lunch at Klub Kitchen, a beautiful clean eating restaurant that does not compromise in taste – Mitte (round the corner from Soto Store)

Although Berlins craft ale scene is yet to explode, we found a great little artisanal spot in Kreuzberg called ‘Larger Larger’ great selection of bottles and some well selected draught options. They also do draught to take away… which I obviously abused.

Home time is never fun but sadly real. Blahh. See you soon Berlin, your coo!

Oatmeal cookies, coffee and German press.

Firmament – must visit for Vis Vim, W Taps, stone island fans

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