Last month I hit a personal milestone. After years of appreciation for the Melbourne bred skincare brand, I received an email from their guys in marketing. Aesop for the first time were reaching out to influencers and I had the pleasure of being on their hit list.

On Thursday, after having missed an appointment earlier in the month (sorry Jess!) I was by chance teamed up with my good friend and fellow ‘influencer’ Mat, more famously known as Mathew Pike, Mat Buckets and list could keep going (

Mat and I had the pleasure and company of Daniel and Jessica, two of Aesops best in force. Between the pair we were wined, dined and quite literally given the full run down on Aesop and it’s fantastic heritage. From skincare tips to behind the scenes access, we were made to really feel part of their brand.

Even the products that don’t see the shop floor are branded as beautiful as you would imagine. 

Aesop Covent Garden!

Relaxation room in Lambs conduit.

Seaonak Facial kit – Parsley seed.

Visit –

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