Top 3 – GH Bass

The years before Blogging & ‘Instablogging’ I took dressing to work fairly serious, possibly not the same sartorial standard of those on Savile row but none the less, I like to think I had a good idea of what worked.

Whilst taking photos last week outside the GH Bass store (Beak St, London) I overheard a well dressed man in passing say to his wife “no don’t worry, just get these instead” as he pointed into the shop window “they look just as good and last just as long as my Church’s anyway” the truth! A man of good taste and good sense. 

Below are my top three Bass picks this season in no real order.

1. Crepe larson Penny Loafer

As seen in Universal Works stores across the country – say no more!

2. Ranger Moc II

Similar to the way that buying a new pair of running shoes will get you out crunching concrete, these beauties are enough to get you out treading ground at altitude – At least this was the case for me, smaller mountains (hills) admittedly but none the less, all positive!

– I have the brown seude versions and tend to skip the top few lace holes leaving room to style them with a wrap around lace in a converse/ Rick Owens fashion.

3. Monogram Derby (rubber sole)

A style I have been looking for for a while now and usually get put off as soon as it lands on foot. Not this one. (Being a size 10 my life is a constant fighting battle of trying not to exentuate the situation) The sleek silhouette complemented my foot like that of a size 9… watch this space, I will be doing a full feature on these after Christmas 👌🏼

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