Larsson & Jennings

Prior to the chaos of Christmas I met with Ed Barrow of Larsson & Jennings at their store on Monmouth St, London. We talked through their continued success in 2016, the direction they’re heading and my potential involvement as a content creator and brand advocate for the year of 2017! 

Talking through their in-store customisiation process that allows for on the spot personalisation. 

The most unbelievable cinnamon buns, probably the best I’ve had in the country.

Watch specialists or professional baristas? Well, it seems both.

Heads in

Twenty six – the in-house publication by L&J, a beautifully curated piece filled with their own work, inspirations and brands they align with. 

Talking Swiss movements 🕑

 The Saxon in situ. I chose this brushed steel/white face colour way. Sweatshirt by

Again sitting proud above the tan suede converse one star and below the cuff of my new Kiomi Mac.

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