Adidas EQT ADV launch – Berlin 17

On Monday the 16th after a rather painless flight, I arrived at Berlin Schonefeld airport, and after passing boarder control came the daunting search for foreign travel links… nope! Rather two good looking girls pop up waving Adidas signs in my face shouting my name… Instantly overjoyed and feeling like a celebrity, they ushered me to a line of Adi branded vans, all black with a subtle pop of ‘turbo red’ (the new colour for this wave of EQT’s) sporting that iconic logo. The level was set for the next two days.

Upon arrival to the hotel, the spoils didn’t stop, the place was dressed in ultra red and brimming with the ever-helpful Adi staff and event goers. Seven floors up and a few turns later, I was checked in to a generous sized room and welcomed in by a fresh pair of EQT’s sitting proud on the bed  (unreleased EQT’s I may add 😉) along side a little care package.

Reaching distance from the action. The dons from Adidas, Overkill & Highsnobiety talk EQT and the history behind the silhouette. On one hand it made me appreciate the obvious – work/process/time spent on developing the shoe and on the other reminded me of my own journey – school/high school/the skatepark and now here… Social media, surrounded by a sea of people all on a similar level, I guess you could say Adidas have helped me rediscover the spark for the love affair that is being a ‘sneaker head.’ After all, everything comes in waves right?

With all that said, I think a few more sneaker events need to be jotted on to this years Calender.

Nic Hayman (the face of Asos Looped) getting that content.

When Adidas do street style, they bring reinforcements.

Moments after a German trucker drove past shouting what I can only imagine to be something along the lines of ‘Take a picture of me’ or ‘OII! Nice hats dudes’ …Blog fest, lol.

On my last visit to Berlin only two months ago I set out to visit the massively hyped coffee spot that is and didn’t manage it. This time round it was top priority and I’m surprised I managed to fit it around our busy schedule; but I did and it was class! Without doubt the highest standards I have ever been subject to.

Not a minute passed the whole trip where we had to ask for food or drink, it was quite the opposite, we were almost avoiding the staff (jokes the food was sick and the fridges were stocked with good wine and beer ).

Legs in!

Location hunting with JS

Thank you Adidas, i will without doubt be flying the EQT flag and all other groundbreaking silhouettes you have instore this year… till next time 🙏🏻(bag by Napapjiri, trainers by Converse, coat by Apc)

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