Utility Design X Nelson Bench

Four weeks ago i teamed with the guys at Utility Design Liverpool to celebrate this iconic piece of furniture and its versatility. Since then i have documented it in our flat and highlighted its finest moments.

The bench always acts as a roof to at least one or two pair of shoes (standard) but along side that it has been an office when space was tight and even been used for dips and press ups for those 15 minute workouts in the morning. 

Nelson bench by Vitra

Office Space never looked so good. Photo 15-08-2017, 11 57 53

Delivery Day!Photo 04-08-2017, 15 54 48

Mate Date, Nawh ❤Photo 13-08-2017, 18 00 47Hammer time (Mr T voice)Photo 24-08-2017, 09 59 38 (1)

Depop clear out (breathes out)Photo 11-08-2017, 09 06 33


Token #fwis just because.Photo 15-08-2017, 12 06 01



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