Pack Wisely: Paul Smith Life Proof

So my life is a constant fighting battle of fashion over function and function over fashion, read that how you want but it’s true and cycling really doesn’t make things easy when deciding what to where at the start of a day let alone a 3 day trip to Copenhagen.

The predicament lies somewhere between wide trousers, long coats and bike chain; as i experienced last week… r.i.p trousers, hello new shorts. There has to be a compromise somewhere but at the minute the only one i can find is to buy a sensible bike and that aint going to happen any time soon.

It’s safe to say that with the above considered, Copenhagen was inevitably going to be a very cycle intense trip so a more leisurely fit was necessary. The Paul smith life proof jacket could not have been more well suited. In a very short for space weekend case this jacket served perfect for all activities, cycling through to dining.


The whole jacket packs away into this small pocket…? YUP!IMGL1521

Custom single speed courtesy of my now good friends We Cycle Copenhagen. These guys rent out no compromise sexy racers for people who don’t want to stick out like the tourist they are akame 😉IMGL1502IMGL1475IMGL1704IMGL1672Had to include this little Jack Russel going about his business…IMGL1700Pit stop at the one and only Coffee Collective HQ, all about the pour overs in this place.IMGL1831IMGL1707IMGL1709

Here are my suggestions which have been thoroughly cross referenced (stolen) by a number of trusty sources (friends and industry pros)


Best, Phenomenal pizza, by the end of the trip we were dying for some pizza and these guys serve the best in the city… we were hoping for a cheap meal by opting for this… LOL, it was not cheap, however, it was really really tasty and I would definitely suggest the nduga corn. Side note- the Staff were really rubbish.


Manfred’s, Natural wines and fantastic sharing plates, these guys are city famous for their steak tartare which I’m usually not fond on.

Noma under the bridge, We didn’t eat, we just had a glass of wine and soaked up the atmosphere.

Noma Barr, Nomas beer restaurant on the water… insane, we only had the small plates because it was crazy busy (to be expected) but we still got the full treatment, chefs coming over with your dish to give you the full run down etc… amazing!

Amass, Tasting menu only, I won’t go on too much about this place, just check the


Ved Stranden 10, this place is a masterpiece, we visited twice- once to sample the wines and then secondly to sample their amazing

Mikkeller and friends, the Mecca of tap houses. Not cheap but you get what you pay for!

Mikkeller war pigs, the traditional mikkeller beer offering accompanied by the best meat I have ever been served. I ordered all the meats and the pork shoulder came up top but the buffalo wings were also the best I’ve ever had.

Brus tap house,Great setting, we only had a few bevvies here but the offering was fantastic and they work closely with the To Øl brewery.


Democratic coffee 

Coffee collective, Jægersborggade

Traditional coffee shop with beautiful design, great furniture and plenty of light.

Coffee collective, Although you will wait a minimum of 30mins for a coffee at peak hours, THIS is the coffee collective you need to visit in Copenhagen. They have ever procedure down to a fine art and are not in a rush for anybody, they do shit correct hence the wait. I would suggest trying their seemingly undercooked eggs, not sure what their process is but they are so silky and succulent mhmmmmm.

Ps I would suggest drinking pour overs too, the flat whites over there are not the same.

Archi & culture spots

MVRDV architects 



Arken museum


Acne archive 

studio arhoj 

Frama studio 

Norse Store, Insane store, such a great and unexpected offering- from Marni to engineered garments to niche little Porter pieces i’d never seen anywhere else before.

Street machine, This is norse projects skate store where they also stock some amazing active brands like Manastash etc


Our Airbnb which came up at just over £60 a night, SO cheap!

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