Classic Innovation, Libratone.

When i was first graced with the Libratone project i genuinely thought twice about it knowing how unattractive some on-ear headphones can be… I was however taken back by Libratones example and how they manage to simplify every aspect I usually loathe. For anyone afraid of looking like Bo Selecta’s Craig David (anyone foreign to the UK: google it) fear not, this is an elegant substitute to the typical on-ear headphones. The Q Adapt are Unobtrusive, well designed and straight up sexy, a product better experienced in the flesh for sure.

To truly compliment the Q Adapt I shot them in a location which i feel shares many a  commonality. I fled to the British museum here in London where both classic and modern architecture intertwine timelessly❣️

IMGL5841IMGL5181IMGL5829IMGL5833IMGL5226The Q Adapt in SituIMGL52638S1A9001IMGL5792IMGL5791

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