Good Company: Perrier X Jaun Travieso


Setting the pace for collaborations Cuban-American artist Jaun Travieso came together with Perrier to redesign their traditional bottle for the #PERRIERXWILD campaign….

To celebrate the campaign they set me a task: DO SOMETHING WILD, to start the year with a bang, go somewhere and push your boundaries, do something scary, do something that will inspire you for the rest of the year.

Below is my photo essay from the day we were caught SERIOUSLY off guard by the elements, we thought we were prepared but the opposite was true… 500 metres from summit the weather had changed so severely that we had no other choice than to turn back. Due to the snow storm, the photos stopped and my camera was left to sit in a puddle at the bottom of my bag for the rest of descent 😦 Despite the conditions, the day was a roaring success and I will definitely be implementing more hikes into my diary throughout the rest of the year.

Summary: February through Decemeber i will be hitting up a new place each month that I’ve never been before to dedicate a full weekend of taking in scenery *breathes out*.

IMGL7098IMGL7200IMGL7182IMGL7219IMGL7185IMGL7177IMGL7115IMGL7210IMGL7121IMGL5316IMGL7131IMGL5308IMGL7122IMGL7103Inventory check: Cameras, Cameras, Perrier, Cameras… DSCF5098

The Guys at Perrier have also launched a nice give away via their twitter, take a look for a chance to win some of their goodies via this link.

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